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Access NZ's most experienced and trusted e-bike rental operators across the country.  

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Feature e-bike Adventure

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Daily, 10am - 5pm


As you step of the ferry Youll spot our most eclectric shop. All matter of bikes, shapes and sizes. We have your comfort sorted. Mega range means much of the North Shore is at your disposal - 90 km range on our high end bikes. -at 40km/h max speed setting. E-gocarts and ELF's also available. 



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Daily, 9.30am - 7pm

Be part of the game changers - Electric Island Waiheke. Rent a fun e-bike, MTB, or e-moped for a day, 2, or 3. Find us 1000m from the ferry- 10 min walk or 1st stop in town on any of the Busses, which run in sync with the ferry. Or give us a call and we will be there to greet you.



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9am - Late

Closed Tue & Wed during Winter

From FAT cruiser e-bikes we got comfort and range totally sorted from our electric fleet. Right by the airport next to the BP service station - or we deliver your rides at your lodging. Wanaka, Arrowtown, Gibbston Valley up to 100 km range. Long term cheaper -call for a quote. 



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Daily, 10am - 5pm

The best way to avoid getting stuck in traffic is with an e-bike. Enjoy the experience of cruising around Auckland with no a non CO2 emission vehicle while getting fit. 





Daily, 9am - 5pm

Why not make the journey part of the adventure? Winding along forest roads with the wind in your hair, gliding silently under a starry night sky, chatting with friends as you cruise to beautiful white sand beaches.



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Daily, 9am - 5pm

Enjoy a lovely scenic cycle along the Pahurehure Inlet and residential Karaka.

The path is mostly flat, with a couple of 'ups and downs' along the waterfront which will get your legs pumping. 




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